The founders of Rolling Fire Catering, Tom and Twyla Hansen envisioaned a unique dining experience where the end product really does speak for itself. The wood-fired artisan pizza that features fresh in-season ingredients from local farmers on our own hand crafted, hand-stretched crust is a testament to doing things the right way with love and quality in every pizza. We seek vegetables, cheese and meat from farmers mostly within 100 miles of Lincoln, NE. Where possible, the ingredients are sourced from farms that seek organic, sustainable and humane farming practices.

Since our first full seasons of operation in 2012, we have averaged making 5,000 pizzas per year and have many, many loyal customers. We offer our pizza at farmers markets and outdoor community events, and cater private gatherings, bringing our portable Italian pizza oven— mounted on a custom U.S.-made trailer—to the site to create a delicious food experience to your specifications. We believe there truly is a difference when using the finest and freshest ingredients possible.

Beginning in 2019, the Broman family will be taking this tradition over and aim to live up to the high standards that Tom and Twyla started. All three of the Broman children have worked for Rolling Fire Catering dating back to it’s first season and they understand how important the process is to making your dining experience the best that it can be. We look forward to serving you the best fresh pizza experience where ever you are in and around Lincoln, NE.